Faith and Facts Quarterly


Faith and Facts Quarterly has undergone a facelift! The magazine began publication in January 1973. The editor since the Quarterly's inception has been Robert C. Welch, directing this work, as the masthead states, "Devoted to Scriptural and Related Subjects". As a careful student of Scripture and an admirable writer and teacher he has drawn others like-minded to him in the work of this journal of Bible study.

With the January 2003 issue of Faith and Facts Quarterly we have begun the new format of this magazine that we will be publishing 4 times each year. Each issue will have a minimum of 108 pages, and many issues will have more than that. The January 2003 issue has 160 pages of material! The size has increased to 6" x 9", and each issue is printed with a paperback, glossy, full color cover. While the presentation may be different, you will still find in each issue the same outstanding Bible based material that we have published for the past 30 years.

The place of the Quarterly among the brethrens' many publications is unique: it is a wonderful forum for the longer, fuller, more detailed consideration of a matter. The Quarterly fills the need you have when the fuller treatment of a subject is all that will do. Able writers ... timely topics ... in-depth study ... Faith and Facts Quarterly is the perfect compliment to the rest of your Bible-related reading and study. We are sure you will be impressed with this publication.


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